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About Karen Stone

My motto has always been LESS IS MORE. It's not about what we have that defines our lives but how we live those lives.  Too much stuff can lead to clutter which can then lead to depression, anxiety, guilt which can leave us overwelmed.


Prior to becoming a Professional Organiser I worked in Finance and Accountancy. Both these positions relied on my abiity to be organised and show compassion towards my clients. I am married, have two grown children and my interests are exercise and healthy living.


I have always been a natural organiser and have a skill for decluttering. Talking to family and friends over the years I began to realise that this ability does not come naturally to everyone. With my need to make a difference in other peoples lives in an industry I am totally passionate about I started "CLUTTER FREE LIVING".


There is nothing more fullfiling then working with people who have made the decision to change their current circumstances and seek a Professional Organiser to help with the transition. It's all about physically removing the clutter, implementing storage solutions and staying organised. I am so blessed to be able to participate in the journey my clients are on in bringing balance and serenity back into their lives. 


I am a member of the Australasian Association of Professional Organisers and adhere to their Code of Ethics.











...the person behind Clutter Free Living:

                 ABN:  66 530 079 036

Did you know reducing your clutter reduces your housework!



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