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My Services

I find it best to start with a chat over the phone so we can discuss your concerns and expectations. From this conversation I can establish an idea of what package would best suit your needs.



The initial onsite consultation takes about an hour.


We will do a walk through and review the zones in your home that need decluttering and organising. We will discus how you as a family invision your home to work and feel once this process has been achieved.  


We can then prioritise our starting point and establish an ongoing plan.








We can transform your entire home or just concentrate solely on one area. Rooms in the home we declutter and organise are:

  • Lounge, Dining and Rumpus

  • Kitchen,Bathroom and Laundry

  • Entry and Hallway

  • Main Bedroom, Childrens Bedrooms, Guest Bedroom and Nursery

  • Garage

  • Wardrobe, Linen Closet and Kitchen Pantry


Home Office

We will streamline your home office and implement filing systems relevent to your small business or home finances. You can say goodbye to that stack of paperwork or late fees payable on overdue bills.

Special Custom Made Services

Designed especially for your needs

because we are all unique.


You can phone CLUTTER FREE LIVING on 0410 052 662


or email








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